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It was a simpler time depicted in the old cowboy westerns that

used to run on TV years ago. You could always tell who the good

guy was by the hat that he wore. It always seemed that the good

guy, the guy you could trust, the guy who would help you with

your toughest problem; he was the guy wearing the white hat.


We would like to be your “white hat” guy. Dispatch Legal is the

administrator of a growing national network of process servers and

other legal support professionals. Attracting talent from a wide range of disciplines, Dispatch Legal is uniquely suited to the task of optimizing service operations and consolidating redundant functions.


Our management team combines years of service and experience, not only in the field of process service, but also in disciplines ranging from real estate management, investigations, and logistics to records

management. Our experience enables us to us to trim off all of the peripheral excess and deliver to you only the targeted results that you really want while protecting your good reputation in the process.


Headquartered in the heart of the country we are able to provide prompt service and attention to both coasts and everywhere in between. We invite you to open a service account with us and to begin streamlining your case work today.

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