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Privacy Policy

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Maintaining privacy and anonymity is becoming harder in this

increasingly invasive world. Today, very little respect is afforded

privacy in business or government interactions. Dispatch Legal

understands the importance and sensitivity this subject may have

for our customers and we believe you have the right to control

your personal information and to safeguard your identity. To this

end, we have always been committed to safeguarding your

privacy and protecting your personal information continues to be,

one of our highest priorities, regardless of how you may transmit

such information to us. We never have shared your personal

information with third parties, and we never will.


The only exceptions to the above position are as follows:

1) We may share your personal and/or private information with third parties when requested by you.

2) We may disclose your personal and/or private information as needed in order to complete a transaction initiated by you (which may include disclosure to a credit card bureau or to affiliates fulfilling your requests).

3) We will disclose your personal and/or private information when compelled to do so by law (when responding to a lawful subpoena for example) or to the necessary extent required to investigate fraudulent activity.


Privacy Reciprocity

As a further safeguard to ensure your confidentiality, we contractually demand any organization to which we provide data, to have similar privacy safeguards in place and to only use your information as required to perform the services required of them. You do not need to demand this level of confidentiality as it is our standard practice.


Future Changes to this Policy

If, at any time in the future, we deem it advantageous to you or us to share your personal and/or private information beyond the exceptions we have stated herein, you will be notified in advance, and you will have ample time and opportunity to opt out of the amended policy.


Your Disclosures are Voluntary

The only personal and/or private information we maintain is what you have voluntarily provided to us (name,

address, etc.) or have obtained in the course of processing an application or request from you (credit history,

payment history, financial assets, etc.). While we will not share your information, we may use it to help us better

understand your needs and how we might improve our services, or provide you with new services or products.


Our privacy standards also extend to the anonymity of our website visitors. While we may gather non-specific

information, such as the date and time our site was visited and the length of time each page was viewed and the

browser used, we do not collect specific information about you in this way. We may also make use of browser

cookies without storing any personal information about you. Information you voluntarily send us, whether through

our online registration or ordering system, or by email or facsimile, will be retained by us in order to fulfill your



Practical security measures have also been instituted at Dispatch Legal to ensure that your information is

protected. We are committed to maintaining the accuracy and security of your information. Employees and

affiliates are contracted and obligated to respect and safeguard your privacy and the confidentiality of your

personal data. We continue to maintain and review the restrictions we have in place to limit access to your

information to a need to know basis, and to prevent unauthorized access. As Dispatch Legal develops new

services that may spawn the need to amend this privacy statement, we will incorporate the changes into this



Should you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, or regarding any of our information security

practices, please

contact us by e-mail at contact@dispatchlegal.com. We can also be reached by telephone at 303-317-3133.