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Ordering Service Without An Account



To order service without creating an account with us you must:


1. Prepare your documents and order form.

Get a copy of our order form. You can download a copy of an order

form by clicking here (the file works best if opened in Adobe Acrobat).

Fill out the order form completely and accurately, specify what priority

your service should have, and sign the authorization on the form.


2. Decide how you want to send your documents and your service order.

You may send your documents by regular mail, overnight or special delivery service, fax, or email. Email is generally the fastest and preferable way to get your documents and service order sent to us. If you send your documents and order form by email you must convert the documents and order form to PDF files and attached them to your email.


3. Get a quote for the cost of the service.

Call or email to get a quote for the cost for your service.


4. Make payment for the service requested.

If you are sending your service request and documents by mail you may include a check for payment. If you have faxed or emailed your service request you may still send your check by mail, but we asked that you include a copy of the check with your fax or email requests. The other payment option is to make your payment online here or call us and we will take your credit card information by phone.


Thatís all there is to it. But if you still find that you have questions regarding making a service request you may contact us by calling: 303-317-3133.


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