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We know that you have choices and sometimes the

differences between those choices are not immediately clear.

It is sometimes difficult to know if you might be comparing

apples to oranges. They are not equal and canít be compared

in the same way. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

It is important to know the differences so you can make a fair



Individual Process Server and Local Operator

You may have had a local process server do work for you for some time. Some local individual process servers are the best you will ever find. But as their reputation grows, their work load often increases in ways that they are ill prepared to handle. Now they go from being a one man operation to being a manager. This is where the break down in quality and reliability begins to happens. What made them good at their work is not always what makes for a good manager of a larger operation.


Regional Process Service Company

Something happens when a business transitions from an individual operator to a larger managed operations. While it may seem that your work is being fulfilled as expected, accountability may begin to suffer as the rewards begins to collect at the top leading to less individual investment in getting your job done. But some advantages are often found in being able to cover more territory and to handle a larger volume of work.


Forwarding Services

Forwarders offer to cover any service you need done, where ever you need it done, for a price. As it turns out, that price is often a fairly hefty one. Forwarders are business aggregators who advertise heavily and then forwards your service request to another operator to have the service delivered. Every one involved in the process adds their fee with the server on the street often making less than the those up the chain of delegation.


Dispatch Legal Network of Local Process Servers

Dispatch Legal blends the advantages of all of these choices by marshalling the talent of local process servers and other legal support professionals and rewarding them for their investment in our affiliated network. The rewards and the motivation are maintained at the point where your service requests are performed and the management of our network is planned so that you can monitor the fulfillment of your requests from start to finish. As out network grows, so will the advantages you will realize from our way of doing business.

Why You Should Choose Dispatch Legal

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